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The Pioneers of Metal Detectable

Safety. Repeatability. American Made


With 30+ years of experience, Fluid Path Products proudly serves many of the major players in the Food/Beverage Processing, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech industries.

O-rings, gaskets, metal detectable

­­­­Fluid Path's Metal Detectable History


We are home to the pioneers of metal detectable technology. Our experienced team helped create the original metal detectable tech that is now a must-have in the food-processing world. In leading the industry development, we never shy away from innovation. With in-house engineers and clear chain of custody, we confidently produce exceptional quality products daily.


Why Use Metal Detectable?


Gaskets are susceptible to fragmenting, which puts processed fluids at risk for contamination. Fluid Path Products detectable gaskets are identified by downstream metal detectors ensuring that your finished product is captured before it’s shipped to consumers. Now you can buy metal detectable gaskets manufactured in America by FPP comprised of the highest quality polymer compounds in the industry. The choice of rubber and plastic materials, as well as geometries, are endless. Our compounds and designed for longevity and chemical resistance of CIP chemicals. Whether you need o-rings, gaskets, or other polymer solutions, we have you covered! All of our products are manufactured in either New Jersey or Texas and shipped worldwide!

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