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Metal Detectable

Metal Detectable Gaskets, O-Rings, & More

Detect polymer particulates that manifest in your process using our metal-detectable polymer components.  All of our detectable gaskets and O-rings are molded using our proprietary compounds. Don’t leave yourself susceptible to recalls by utilizing our detectable components in cheese, dairy, and meat processing plants. As the innovators of detectable solutions, we have a superior performing compound featuring our original and unique Hyperdetect PTFE blended product. Hyperdetect was created when users said, “We’ve tried these but we would like them to work better”. Available in an endless array of geometries and material compositions that are both X-Ray and Metal detectable. We guarantee there is a difference in our products.

We are not only the pioneers of metal-detectable, but we are also the innovators that keep pushing industry limits.


All of our O-rings and gaskets are made in-house, in the United States, with complete control over the chain of custody and production process.

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Phone: (512) 429-0283

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