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O-Rings Made in The USA


Safety. Repeatability. American Made


With 30+ years of experience, Fluid Path Products proudly serves many of the major players in the Food/Beverage Processing, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech industries.


Fluid Path's Difference


O-rings are an essential sealing component in endless processes across a variety of industries. Fluid Path is determined to create sealing solutions that not only outperform competitors, but also outlast them. With our team of in-house engineers, constant innovation and testing is applied to each and every one of our products. Additionally, with manufacturing being handled between our Texas and New Jersey facilities, fast and reliable shipping is always a priority. In the past, supply chain issues have delayed our competitors months or more. However, Fluid Path's experience and connections have allowed us to consistently produce and ship at extremely reasonable rates.


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Industry History as We Know it


The detection of foreign bodies during the processing and packaging of food plays a fundamental role in ensuring safety, quality, and in avoiding the possibility of plastic contamination in food. Additionally, other processes in many other industries require sanitary and contaminate-free products. Thus, a metal-detectable additive is added to the plastic or polymer fittings. In the case there are loose fragments, a metal detecting system will remove all potential contaminants. In fact, Fluid Path is home to the pioneers of metal-detectable technology. Our experienced team helped create the original metal detectable tech that is now a must-have in the food-processing world. In leading industry development, we never shy away from innovation. While many struggle with thinking ahead and clear chain of custody, we confidently produce exceptional quality products daily.

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