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Poly-Envelope Gaskets Made in America!

Quality, Innovation, and Speed: Fluid Path Products' Latest Updates - October 25th, 2023 Newsletter: PolyEnvelope Gaskets Fluid Path proudly produces in The USA and is home to innovative engineering that has changed the industry time and time again.


Discover the Sealing Excellence with Fluid Path Products

We hope this newsletter finds you well. At Fluid Path Products, we're excited to share the latest updates and developments from our world of high-quality sealing solutions. As always, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. PolyEnvelope Gaskets - Your Sealing Solution Fluid Path Products is proud to introduce to you our range of PolyEnvelope Gaskets, meticulously designed for outstanding performance in demanding applications. These gaskets offer a unique combination of materials to address the most challenging sealing needs. Polyenvelope Gaskets, the next evolution in sealing solutions. 1) Key Features of Our Envelope Gaskets Versatile Material: Our envelope gaskets combine PTFE with high purity elastomers to provide superior chemical resistance and resilience. Reliable Sealing: These gaskets are engineered to ensure a secure and durable seal, even in the most demanding conditions. Temperature Tolerance: With a wide operating temperature range, our envelope gaskets perform consistently in both extreme heat and cold. Low Friction: Reduced friction properties contribute to efficient operations and extended equipment life. Applications Across Industries Our envelope gaskets have found applications across a range of industries, including: Chemical Processing: Where resistance to aggressive chemicals is vital. Pharmaceuticals: For maintaining product purity and sterility. Oil and Gas: In critical wellhead and pipeline applications. Food Processing: Ensuring hygiene and contamination control. Quality and Compliance Fluid Path Products' envelope gaskets meet stringent industry standards and are crafted with a focus on precision and reliability. Our commitment to innovation and adherence to quality standards set us apart as a trusted provider of sealing solutions. All materials are USP Class VI tested and our quality department ensures full compliance with REACH, RoHS, and other agencies.

Polyenvelope Gaskets FPP

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