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Supplying When No One Else Can: Introducing Fluid Path Products

American Made Gaskets - Fluid Path Products

Safety. Repeatability. American Made


With 30+ years of experience, Fluid Path Products proudly serves some of the major players in the Food/Beverage Processing, Pharmaceutical, and Biotech industries.


Metal detectable gaskets

­­­­­Supplying When No One Else Can


Struggling to get product delivered to you in a reasonable time frame? With polymer products ranging from metal detectable O-Rings to custom designed gaskets, Fluid Path Products has been leading the charge during these times of shortages. In fact, we've seen lead times stretch over two years! At Fluid Path, we aim to always have inventory prepared with lead times under a few months at the absolute maximum. We design and manufacture all our products between our two facilities in New Jersey and Texas, allowing for rapid development as well as shipment.


Fluid Path's Vision & Mission


Our vision starts with a strong foundation of products while regularly introducing innovations that contribute value to the industry. With full control of our chain of custody, we are masters of design and customization. We are the innovators of metal-detectable gaskets for food processing; specifically for cheese, dairy, and meat processing. Fluid Path has several proprietary platinum silicone components that we mold here in the United States, along with a number of new concepts that will be rolled-out over the forthcoming months that will apply to biotech and pharmaceutical processing. The Fluid Path team has worked extensively on the both the product development and end-user experience of these regulated industries around the globe. Fluid Path Products addresses the need for developing, specifying, and installing the highest quality process components in both single-use and multi-use systems. Our mission was formed around our ability to invent and produce unique products or partner with manufacturers to produce their established products for the markets they serve.

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