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O-Rings play a crucial role in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and food-processing industries. Using a variety of elastomers or fluoroelastomers, Fluid Path Products produces only the highest quality of O-Rings. For medical-grade components, high-purity platinum silicone is used. With no shortage of material, Fluid Path is manufacturing every day, consistently delivering to our partners and customers. 

Available O-Ring materials:


- Platinum Cured Silicone

- FKM / Viton

- Buna


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Sanitary O-Rings

High purity sanitary o-rings play a pivotal role in industries that demand impeccable cleanliness and product integrity. These o-rings, meticulously designed for applications in pharmaceutical, biotech, and food-processing sectors, ensure a secure, contaminant-free seal between components. Fluid Path Products goes a step further by offering high-quality, low-priced options that are manufactured in America. Their commitment to producing top-tier o-rings domestically underscores their dedication to quality and affordability, while catering to industries where maintaining the highest hygiene standards is non-negotiable.

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