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EPDM O-Rings

Fluid Path Products is home to the best-performing o-rings on the market. Contact us today for more information!


EPDM O-Rings

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) sanitary o-rings are a popular choice for applications that require resistance to harsh chemicals, high temperatures, and environmental exposure. These o-rings are made from a synthetic rubber compound known for its excellent durability and versatility. In sanitary applications, EPDM o-rings provide reliable sealing solutions while maintaining hygiene standards. They are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, and solvents, making them suitable for various industries such as food processing, biotech, and pharmaceutical. EPDM sanitary o-rings also exhibit excellent temperature resistance, maintaining their sealing properties in both hot and cold environments. Along with our performance-tested EPDM, we also offer metal detectable solutions for EPDM. With their reliable sealing capabilities and resistance to chemical and thermal stress, EPDM sanitary o-rings are a dependable choice for critical applications requiring sanitary and durable sealing solutions.

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