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Bevel Seat Gaskets

Designed for use in sanitary piping for the biotech, pharmaceutical, dairy, and food-processing industries, bevel seat gaskets made by Fluid Path are FDA-certified and ADI-free. Available in a variety of materials; Buna, EPDM, Platinum Silicone, and more. The bevel seat design is made to fit in a bevel or slanted fitting. 

Advantages of some of FPP's Materials:

Buna: Excellent resistance to fats, oils, and petroleum-based fluids

FKM/Viton: Acid resistant, good chemical stability, high temp-resistant

EPDM: Excellent cell culturing & bioprocess compatibility. Excellent steam resistance

PTFE: Highly inert to most chemicals, food, beverage, and bioprocess media. Wide temperature range


Platinum Silicone: Highest Purity and high-temperature resistance for demanding bioprocess applications

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Fluid Path's Sanitary Bevel Seat Gaskets

Sanitary bevel seat gaskets are essential components for effectively sealing fittings in industries like food-processing and pharmaceuticals. These gaskets are specially designed to fit into bevel seat connections, ensuring a secure and leak-free seal. Fluid Path Products excels in delivering top-notch sanitary bevel seat gaskets, recognizing their critical role in maintaining hygienic processes. What sets Fluid Path apart is their unparalleled efficiency – their ability to deliver faster than anyone in the industry ensures that businesses can promptly access high-quality bevel seat gaskets, reducing downtime and optimizing production.

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